Building Relationship Based on Trust.

Jason Rosenblum believes in honest and upfront communication and in building trusting relationships with his clients. His law office focuses on Intellectual Property and specifically on the protection of trademarks. As well as understanding that your trademark is a critical element to the success of your business Jason also has the knowledge and desire to […]

Don’t Delay in Protecting your Products and Brands

Don’t Delay in Protecting your Products and Brands Some inventors and business owners find reasons to justify not filing for a patent or trademark when they should. They may think they do not have enough money to handle the expense, they have put it on the back burner to focus on other matters, or they […]

Branding and Labeling Do Influence Consumer Purchasing

Food published an article about how much branding and labeling impacts the purchasing decisions of consumers. Using wine as the study model the authors of the study Simone Mueller and Gergely Sziolnoki recruited 521 wine drinkers in three German cities to participate. While this article points out the value of strong branding and labeling […]

Building a business relationship early with your small business law firm

So you have started forming your business or maybe you are already operating. You have your product, service, or idea well-defined, but have you made sure that your business is properly structured to ensure that it is ready to move forward? Are you protected from potential legal issues and brand infringement? A lot of small […]

Trademark Registration is NOT guaranteed.

It can be easy to get excited about your company’s new Trademark, but before you get too attached to the mark it is important to remember that registration is not guaranteed. Registration may be refused for many reasons, but there are two things you can do to better your chances of success: 1- Hire an […]

What are the differences between Copyrights and Trademarks?

Well, both copyrights and trademarks are forms of protection for intellectual property, however, they protect different types of assets. A copyright protects original works which include artistic and literary works along with a variety of other original creations. Trademarks, on the other hand, protect items such as words, names, symbols, logos, and other items that […]