Golden Knights are not so Golden.

Lots to talk about with this one, so please excuse me if I preach or ramble. Both main topics in this article are passions of mine.  Hockey is my sport and clearly the Intellectual Property aspect is relevant to our clients, potential clients, and anyone building a brand. So, sports fans, enjoy the hockey-talk; All […]

The Importance of Picking a Niche in Your Business

A few months ago my very knowledgable and responsive insurance broker, Michael Carroll, owner of The Carroll Insurance Group, LLC interviewed me.  As my insurance broker Michael knows the details of my practice area since it is relevant to which insurance we choose to best protect ourselves.  In consideration of my practice being quite specific, […]

Intellectual Property 101 Workshop Charleston, SC

In a previous post I mentioned Startup Grind and the great events they put on.  On Thursday, October 6, 2016 StartUp Grind will be hosting me to conduct an Intellectual Property (“IP”) workshop.  It will be an IP 101 for start ups. Space is limited – if you have a business and feel like you […]

Managing Member Jason Rosenblum featured on The Tech Life podcast

I had the privilege and great experience of being interviewed on Rich Conte’s “The Tech Life” podcast. Click here to listen. I met Rich a few months ago at a local Startup Grind event. The Charleston Startup Grind is putting on some great events aimed at entrepreneurs. The events range from networking-focused, to information-based, to […]

The Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Foreign Countries

Companies often neglect to consider how important it is to protect their intellectual property overseas. Even some of those business-savvy industry giants mistakenly overlook this critical aspect of brand growth and protection.  Apple and New Balance have been two of the world famous players that have been subject to accusations of infringement and other lawsuits. […]

Hockey & Trademarks

So, this PK Subban story grabbed my attention initially because: 1) I happen to be a huge hockey fan, 2) why is there an article about hockey in Forbes?, and 3) I respect PK Subban’s abilities but can’t stand him for reasons (um, Let’s Go Rangers!) completely unrelated to branding and trademarking.  If anything, this […]

Certification Marks: Hidden Value and Revenue in Your Business

Coaching and consulting businesses have been on the increase in recent years.  I have noticed the most successful to be those that have incorporated a “certified” consulting and/or coaching program.  For any consulting or coaching business this seems to be a great business model for adding a stream of revenue. Why does the addition of […]

Yes, You Need to Consider Legal Issues if You Own a Business

Delivering your product & services requires that you consider certain legal issues: I recently attended a conference held by my coach and advisor in which he introduced and focused on the idea that one of the main parts of every business is the physical plant or factory.  Your physical plant has to be in alignment […]