Yes, You Need to Consider Legal Issues if You Own a Business

Delivering your product & services requires that you consider certain legal issues: I recently attended a conference held by my coach and advisor in which he introduced and focused on the idea that one of the main parts of every business is the physical plant or factory.  Your physical plant has to be in alignment […]

Sponsorship Considerations and Agreements

Speaking at and sponsoring events are important in effectively growing your business. You do, however, need to pick the right events that are relevant to your business and your audience in order to make sure you receive return on your investment. In addition to my sponsoring several events in the past, many of my own […]

OREO® The Tastiest Trademark

As a child my favorite snack food was OREO®.  We always had a tin box (I believe one of my mom’s shoe boxes) that fit the bag of OREO® perfectly.  All my friends knew the box, its location, and its contents, and went for it as soon as they walked in the house.  I suppose […]


We all would obviously love to give our companies, products, inventions, etc. names that are meaningful to us, have some sort of relevance in our personal lives, or are symbolic of a sentimental part of ourselves, but let’s face it, this is business.  When it comes to branding, more important than any of this, is […]

So you call yourself an expert…

We have all heard the term “buyer beware” and likely most associate it with the consumption and purchase of material goods. A healthy practice; cover yourself. But do not limit this precaution to physical products. So many services are offered today and practitioners are ubiquitous and often quite savvy in their self-representation. Many are legitimate […]

Mommy Wine Trademark Fight!

Reuters reports on a trademark legal battle between rival wine sellers that are creating brands focused on mothers. Winery Clos Lachance Wines wanted the court to declare that its “Mommyjuice” does not violate the trademark of “Mommy’s Time Out”. The term “Mommy” is a generic word and the use thereof is not likely to be […]

Who owns the “Evil Empire”

The Wall Street Journal reported on an interesting trademark case that was brought against the New York Yankees. Apparently a private entrepreneur, known as “Evil Enterprises, Inc.” tried to register the trademark for the phrase “Baseballs Evil Empire” and was turned down by a panel of trademark judges in Washington, D.C. Evil Enterprises wanted to […]

Open Communication is the Key To Our Success.

With extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law the Law Office of Jason Rosenblum was founded to become a trusted resource for Trademark Protection and Intellectual Property. Committed to offering personalized attention to every client and dedicated to achieve the best results for every case. Jason Rosenblum believes that open communication is a key to success […]