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The Law Office of Jason Rosenblum, PLLC focuses on the individual needs of their clients and on creating lasting attorney-client relationships. Extensive knowledge of Intellectual Property law and the desire to work along with you, our clients, makes our office uniquely qualified to protect your Intellectual Property. ​

Where are you in your business?

Pre-Startup or Startup – Either you have an idea for your business and are in the research and due diligence phase or you started the business and are creating or offering your first product or service. In either scenario, an initial consideration should be ensuring you own the Intellectual Property (“IP”) you create, or others create for your business. Understand how to identify the patentable inventions, trademarkable brands, logos and slogans, and other types of IP in your business. Take into account budgeting for your intellectual property to get the most protection for your budget to build a solid foundation for your business. And of course look to avoid costly mistakes that will come back to haunt you, such as infringing on another’s name.

Speaking with an intellectual property attorney early on will help you understand the IP basics to best protect your business and create an asset for your business.

Building – You have paying customers, you are focused on serving those customers, improving your product or service, and adding more customers. It is important to broaden and maintain the protections you already have and increase the value of your assets by continuing to build upon that which you have already. Always monitor for infringers.

Established and Growing–You have a loyal customer base, you are scaling up and adding products or services to your core offerings. Continue to grow your Intellectual Property portfolio by broadening protections with additional filings to broaden the scope of protection. Maintain your current Intellectual Property holdings and keep monitoring for infringers and enforcing your Intellectual Property rights.

More Information

Are you concerned about misuse of your brand, invention, or creations? Do you have questions about protecting what you’ve worked hard to create? Contact us. We are capable of navigating the intricacies of Trademark, Patent and Copyright Law to protect your rights and your business. The Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC addresses each case with singular attention and aims to deliver the results you’re looking for every time.