Jason’s Manifesto

My Mission

Lawyers have a reputation…

…Unfortunately, it’s not always a positive one.

Lawyers are more worried about the clock than about helping their clients. They intentionally try to dispense complicated advice to bill for more time and get more of your money. They throw around legal jargon that confuses more than clarifies. Right?

At their best, lawyers have been deemed a necessary evil in doing business. At their worst? Well, you can leave that up to your imagination.

But what if this wasn’t the case?

What if instead of costing you money, your lawyer was there to save you money? To protect you from liability or add value to your business.

What if your lawyer treated you as a partner?

What if they helped make things simpler instead of more complicated?

It’s time to change your relationship with the law.

You need to meet a lawyer who does things differently.

I do things differently because I work with my clients, not for them or above them.

I’m Jason H. Rosenblum.

Helping businesses get stronger means I get to let business owners do what they do best: run their business.

My partnerships mean listening to and talking with my clients.

Honesty is a two-way street, so I commit to it and expect it in return. That’s my promise, because it’s not just how I work, it’s simply who I am.

I demystify the legal world instead of disappearing into it.

I build protection for businesses so my clients can do what they love to do and not worry about headaches that often come with running the business.

I ultimately save money for my clients by being proactive and attacking issues that will only get bigger if ignored.

I want to be the lawyer you actually like working with and TRUST.

So while I can’t control the way you think about all lawyers, I can define my own reputation and prove it to you.

Here are my core values:

  • Honesty and Trust
  • Transparency and Openness
  • Fairness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Health both physically and mentally
  • Keeping a sense of humor and having fun in the journey of life