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Managing Member Jason Rosenblum featured on The Tech Life podcast

I had the privilege and great experience of being interviewed on Rich Conte’s “The Tech Life” podcast. Click here to listen.
I met Rich a few months ago at a local Startup Grind event. The Charleston Startup Grind is putting on some great events aimed at entrepreneurtech-life-podcasts. The events range from networking-focused, to information-based, to entertainment, and beyond.  I highly suggest you check them out if you are here in Charleston or if you have a local branch in your town. Click here for more background and here for the local Charleston chapter.
I have become a pretty avid listener of Rich’s podcast and he is doing a great job here in Charleston to get the limelight on the startup community and those that support it.  My podcast with Rich is a good example of what he is doing. We get into my background, how I came to be an Intellectual Property attorney, why I moved to Charleston, SC, some of the differences I see incoming from NY’s Silicon Alley to working in Charleston’s Silicon Harbour, and of course my thoughts and advice for entrepreneurs in the area and in general.
If you’re interested in hearing the interview, click below.  I hope it gets you hooked and that you listen to more of Rich’s talks.
For a summary of the interview see below:
RC: What types of services and expertise do you provide as an IP Attorney?
JHR: We counsel our clients about patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.  Intellectual Property has to be used correctly to be of any value to a company; it is all about making it an asset to the business, so we take a very business minded approach to IP and in our client relationships and really view it as more of a partnership. We want to help our clients succeed. Similarly we want to make sure that our clients are not using someone else’s IP that may turn into a liability for them.
RC: Tell us a little about your typical client and how, when, and why they engage you?
JHR: First, we have clients in many industries:
Fashion: Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry, Accessories, Perfumery
Art: Graphic Design, Photography, Filmography, Music/Entertainment
Food/Drink (Production & Services): Alcohol (Breweries; Wineries; Distilleries; etc.), Restaurateurs, Bars/Pubs/Taverns, Bakeries/Baked Goods
Manufacturers: Home Furnishings, Kitchen Tools/Gadgets
Business Services: Marketing, Website Hosting/Design, Social Media
Technology: Software, App developers
Professionals: Real Estate Agencies, coaching & consulting businesses (leadership, speaking, marketing, life, etc.), Interior Designers/Decorators
Clients have approached us at any and every point of business, product, or brand creation and development. From the ambitious potential inventor with “I have this great idea…” to the established corporation who has had a great name in their industry for years and suddenly realized they need to protect their IP. That said, we know it is best to have a conversation with any potential client as early as possible. Even if you are not ready for our services, we are always happy to speak with a potential client to counsel them as to when they should engage our or another attorney’s services in order to ensure lucrative and positive success in developing a brand,  product, or business.
RC: What are some of the challenges and scenarios you see that are maybe a bit unique to technology businesses and entrepreneurs?
JHR: These days you can touch so many people with so little of an investment as compared to traditional non-tech business.  The more people you can touch, the faster the business can grow…the more potential legal issues you can face both from an IP perspective and compliance in other areas at both the local, state, federal and international level. It is important to ensure that you have proper professionals on your side to counsel you  before issues arise.
RC: You recently relocated from New York to Charleston, what prompted the move?
JHR: The perfect storm; both literally and figuratively. I realized that bad weather, snow, blizzards, are NOT something that exist everywhere, and that, paired with my wife’s not-so-gentle prodding, and having been recently to Charleston for vacation made the decision to move here somewhat easy.
RC: What are some of the local Tech and Startup related activities you’ve taken advantage of as you plug into the community here?
JHR: I try to get to a lot of the networking events, presentations, and seminars related to or put on by local tech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. I frequent Startup grind, Brewworking, 1 Million Cups, and chamber events.  I attend such events because I relate to those involved, being into tech myself, and obviously because it is where I can meet potential clients.  
RC: What are your impressions of the Tech and Startup community in Charleston; the strengths, opportunities, and challenges you see?
JHR:I think its strength is that it still is a small community, and its challenge is that it is a small community. Everyone knows each other, it is a friendlier atmosphere, everyone is willing to help each other.  
The challenge in being a  smaller community, is that Charleston is not the Silicon Valley or NY where there are plenty of VC, angel investors, and others with experience to mentor the new startups. That said, this gives opportunities for things to be done differently, you do not have to take the same path every Silicon Valley or NY startup takes.  It lets an entrepreneur think outside the box.  Wherever you are you’re going to have challenges so you might as well live in a great city like Charleston.
RC: Is there one piece of advice you would give to all Tech Entrepreneurs?
JHR: My legal advice is for partners to enter into a partnership agreement;
General business advice is to realize that the # 1 responsibility of a business is to make a profit
RC: Where can listeners go to learn more about your work and contact you?
JHR:Check out our websites,, and social media
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney.
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