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OREO® The Tastiest Trademark

As a child my favorite snack food was OREO®.  We always had a tin box (I believe one of my mom’s shoe boxes) that fit the bag of OREO® perfectly.  All my friends knew the box, its location, and its contents, and went for it as soon as they walked in the house.  I suppose at that time commercials were necessary.  They took up a huge percentage of ad time in the cartoons I watched and plastered posters wherever they could…I guess it worked.  Now EVERYONE knows OREO®.


Once life was simple, just regular or Double Stuf, but over the years Nabisco has expanded the OREO® name and brand. They have incorporated it into anything a person could think of and would like to snack on.  A recent trip to the supermarket demonstrated this:
BREYER’S OREO® Cookie Blast Ice CreamBreyerer's OREOOREO Pie Crust
OREO®-flavored JELL-O Pudding
OREO® Pie Crusts
OREO® O’s Cereal
Even clothing and non-edible paraphernalia boast OREO® in countless ways.
Point is, when you see OREO®, you know what you are getting.  When I was younger I only wanted the OREO® brand of cookies, not “those other ones” that made a similar chocolate sandwich cookie with creamy white filling that my friends’ parents would buy.  There was a reason my friends came to my house for cookies; we always had the real OREO®.
To this day I have no clue if Nabisco was the first to make that style of cookie, or if it REALLY does taste that much better or different than the other guys, but it does not matter.  OREO® is OREO® because they built an identity and a following.
OREO® as a trademark is a great choice from the start.  It does not appear to be a name, a definition, or a word.  It seems to be a made up word, which is fun to say and easy to spell, (O-R-E-O, remember?), making it memorable and unique.
Made up words often have the ability to become the strongest trademarks because they are uncommon and more than likely have not been used as a trademark previously. Just something to think about as you come up with your next trademark…
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DISCLAIMER: This post will make you want to snack, we are not responsible for any weight gain.  Additionally, the information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney.
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