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Hockey & Trademarks

So, this PK Subban story grabbed my attention initially because:
1) I happen to be a huge hockey fan, 2) why is there an article about hockey in Forbes?, and 3) I respect PK Subban’s abilities but can’t stand him for reasons (um, Let’s Go Rangers!) completely unrelated to branding and trademarking.  If anything, this might make me like him a little bit, just don’t tell Henrik Lundqvist.
I love this. Arrogant and egocentric as it seems, some of these athletes do have unequaled levels of talent and have either been dubbed or have dubbed themselves with creative and inspired titles or nicknames. If I was in the public spotlight and had been given the name “Jason the TrademarKING” you better believe I would want that protected if possible*!  
This guy is building a brand the smart way. Now when big corporations that want to use these names, titles, marks on products and services that could make big money, they will have to go through him first, and he will get the royalties. Even better, is that he is using some of that money to help the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
Nice work Subbanator®
*Feel free to start using that name in my likeness, but unfortunately in my case this is not the strongest trademark until I build up a source identification known as “acquired distinctiveness” since it is descriptive of my services in that I do, in fact, prosecute trademark law for people like you (and maybe PK Subban?)