Age of Access

Access to information and the reach of your brand and message has been in the process of changing and becoming easier in recent decades.  This fact absolutely has its positives and negatives depending on your individual views, but there are also certain aspects of this availability of information that change general practices to which we […]

5 Major Intellectual Property Mistakes Businesses Make

In working with small businesses we consistently see mistakes that the owners of these businesses could easily avoid if only they were made aware.  Here are 5 Intellectual Property mistakes to know and avoid: 1. Picking the Wrong Brand Name. When you start your business and choose a name, more thought should go into this […]

Certification Marks: Hidden Value and Revenue in Your Business

Coaching and consulting businesses have been on the increase in recent years.  I have noticed the most successful to be those that have incorporated a “certified” consulting and/or coaching program.  For any consulting or coaching business this seems to be a great business model for adding a stream of revenue. Why does the addition of […]

Confusingly Similar?

Confusingly Similar? A friend recently sent me this picture from a NY Street fair: Does it remind you of another company? Based on the appearance, would you assume that perhaps that other company is responsible for making this ‘new’ product? I would venture to say that there is pretty good chance that the above picture […]

OREO® The Tastiest Trademark

As a child my favorite snack food was OREO®.  We always had a tin box (I believe one of my mom’s shoe boxes) that fit the bag of OREO® perfectly.  All my friends knew the box, its location, and its contents, and went for it as soon as they walked in the house.  I suppose […]


I am a huge fan of both the television shows Shark Tank® and The Profit. Beyond the entertainment factor, they offer a wonderful business education for those who are looking.  Every episode of each show has several recurring themes that every business owner should always take note of: planning, knowing your numbers, knowing when to […]


We all would obviously love to give our companies, products, inventions, etc. names that are meaningful to us, have some sort of relevance in our personal lives, or are symbolic of a sentimental part of ourselves, but let’s face it, this is business.  When it comes to branding, more important than any of this, is […]

REDSKINS lose their Trademark Registration, but not necessarily the war

The Redskins trademark was cancelled, now what?  They will most likely continue to use it and continue to battle it out in the courts. Though they have previously done this and had the ruling was overturned, the cancellation of their trademark as disparaging does not mean that they can no longer use it.  What they […]

Beware of Trademark Certificate Scams

“Intellectually Protecting Your Property®” is the tagline of our law practice. Since we are in the business of intellectual property, we had our tagline officially trademarked. We recently received our trademark certificate. Of course this is good news for us, but it is also an opportunity to tell you about a scam that’s currently happening […]