™ or ®: What’s the Difference? ** Attorney Advertising **

Trademarks are distinctive names or symbols of companies, products, or services that distinguish one company’s goods or services from that of their competitors. Registration of a mark helps to deter others from using the same name or symbol to market their own products. There are multiple symbols used to convey the status of one’s trademark […]

So Much Beer! So Few Names. | New York and Charleston Trademark Lawyer

The craft beer industry is booming! It seems as though new microbreweries are popping up every day. Going into a store for beer requires its own definition of terms and an hour or more of contemplation and browsing time. With this growth comes a high demand for unique brewery and beer names – and an […]

IP Lawyer Answers, “Should I Register My Trademark?” – Attorney Advertising

If you’ve recently started a business, you may be wondering what steps you should take to protect your new venture. This may include registering a trademark that you create to distinguish your business from others. Depending on the stage your business is in, you may already have a trademark. If your business is already selling […]

StartUp Grind Intellectual Property Workshop Key Takeways

In a previous post I mentioned that I was conducting a workshop for Startup Grind. Due to Hurricane Matthew and the resulting evacuation the event was postponed.  Last week (December 8) the Intellectual Property Workshop for the Startup Grind community finally took place.  Here are some key takeaways I shared, that I believe any business […]

The Importance of Picking a Niche in Your Business

A few months ago my very knowledgable and responsive insurance broker, Michael Carroll, owner of The Carroll Insurance Group, LLC interviewed me.  As my insurance broker Michael knows the details of my practice area since it is relevant to which insurance we choose to best protect ourselves.  In consideration of my practice being quite specific, […]

The Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Foreign Countries

Companies often neglect to consider how important it is to protect their intellectual property overseas. Even some of those business-savvy industry giants mistakenly overlook this critical aspect of brand growth and protection.  Apple and New Balance have been two of the world famous players that have been subject to accusations of infringement and other lawsuits. […]

Amazon Seller’s Legal Issues

As many of us know based on direct experience, Amazon has made the buying and selling of nearly any item far easier than it has ever been. You may be, as many of my clients are, one of those individuals or businesses who has taken advantage of the ease through which Amazon allows sales to […]

‘THANKYOU’ Trademark Dispute is not so Polite

‘THANKYOU’ Trademark Dispute is not so Polite Citigroup has sued AT&T over their claim to the THANKYOU brand.  I recently read this post http://www.techeye.net/business/thank-you-as-us-patent-office-trademarks-being-polite It comes as a surprise to many that “thank you” and other commonly used, simple words and phrases, could even be trademarked. Any name, symbol, design, scent, sound, color, or motion […]

Hockey & Trademarks

So, this PK Subban story grabbed my attention initially because: 1) I happen to be a huge hockey fan, 2) why is there an article about hockey in Forbes?, and 3) I respect PK Subban’s abilities but can’t stand him for reasons (um, Let’s Go Rangers!) completely unrelated to branding and trademarking.  If anything, this […]