Trademarks and Food ** Attorney Advertising **

Food products are subject to steep competition, especially with our culture’s ever-increasing interest in food and cuisine. Producers, manufacturers, and other artisans are continually fighting for shelf space and the attention of the consumer.  A great way to make your product stand out in the crowd is to brand smartly and trademark your product or […]

Is Satire or Mimicking a Trademark Protected under Fair Use? **Attorney Advertising**

Freedom of expression means that the government doesn’t interfere with an individual’s right to express their thoughts or feelings, so long as the expression doesn’t invoke or cause any immediate harm or danger. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but you can create an entire three-act opera making fun of a public figure […]

Fair Use of Trademarks **Attorney Advertising**

A trademark is a word or symbol that distinguishes one business, product, or service from all other similar businesses, products, and services. Misuse of another’s trademark is a legal violation. However, there are instances when another party can use someone else’s trademark without getting in trouble if it’s considered “fair use.” What’s fair use? Fair […]

What You Can Do to Avoid Trademark Dilution **Attorney Advertising**

A strong trademark is likely to keep your product from being confused with another, but it can still cause harm to your brand if someone else uses your trademark to sell something unrelated to your product or service. You may be on the lookout for others who may be infringing on your trademark but, it […]

Trademarking Your Name: Why, When, and How **Attorney Advertising**

It comes as no surprise that celebrities and public figures often trademark their names. After all, their names make them money. Celebrities and public figures have to maintain tight control of their brand (i.e. themselves and their images) from being misused, confused, misrepresented, or diluted. However, name trademarking is not just for big-name celebrities or […]

Is Your Trademark Distinctive Enough? **Attorney Advertising **

A trademark may be meaningful. It may be unique, or at least unique to you. It may have a backstory. It may be readily recognizable to your customers. However, if you haven’t registered it yet, you may not know whether it’s distinctive enough to be registered. There are ways to tell whether your trademark is […]