Trademark Denied: Appeals of Trademark Final Refusals **Attorney Advertising**

The hardest part of registering a trademark is usually coming up with a unique trademark in the first place. A trademark is a word or symbol that should distinguish your company, product, or service from all others. Once you have chosen a name to represent your brand, the next step is to register your trademark […]

Someone Is Using My Trademark…Now What? **Attorney Advertising **

There may come a time in your business when you discover that someone else is infringing upon your intellectual property, such as using your registered trademark.  While the other party may indeed be in the wrong, enforcing your rights is solely up to you. If you believe that another person or business is infringing on […]

USPTO is Seeing a Flood of Trademark Applications From China

Its has been reported recently that a large  number of Chinese citizens or companies based in China are seeking trademarks in the US, flooding the US Patent and Trademark Office with applications.  The Business Standard cites this surge is due to incentives the Chinese governments are providing to register trademarks in foreign countries and for Amazon brand registry.  .. Having a trademark registered in the […]

3-D Printing, Copyright, and Trademark Law **Attorney Advertising **

3-D printers have come a long way, and now they’re small enough and affordable enough for individual artists to have their own. This gives the freedom to make two-dimensional computer-assisted drawings (CAD) into three-dimensional resin objects. The IP implications of this, however, are confusing and laws may need to catch up. So until intellectual property […]

Does a Registered Trademark Expire? ** Attorney Advertising **

Obtaining a trademark for your business name, tagline, or logo is not a “one and done” process.  Over the years, you will need to renew your trademark and complete a number of maintenance steps in order to keep your trademark active and alive. In general, trademarks are valid for 10 years, but there are additional […]

Trademarking Mascots and Advertising Characters **Attorney Advertising**

What do Wendy’s, Pillsbury, Arm & Hammer, and Disney all have in common? They all have trademarked advertising characters. Sports teams’ mascots and advertising characters are all intangible things used to distinguish one brand from all others. Mascots and advertising characters, like names, logos, fonts, and even colors, can be protected by federal trademark and […]