How to Choose a Corporation or Domain Name and Not Get Sued

Before any business opens its doors it must have a name. Naming a business and choosing a domain name can be difficult. The name should be memorable and relate to the values, products, or services provided by the company. Also to be considered, however, are the legal issues involved with naming a company. The first […]

What’s In a Name?

“It started off really fine with pleasantries, and then it was essentially them asking me to cancel my trademark application and that they would help me cancel it.” These are the words from Bunmi Laditan, a writer for the blog and book franchise called The Honest Toddler. She is referring to the opposing company, The […]

Pesky Counterfeiters Steal Market Share

Products and services are always being counterfeited and technological advancements have actually simplified the process for infringing designers.  The Internet has made the purchase of counterfeit goods accessible to anyone with a mouse and keyboard. Protecting a company’s patents, copyrights, and trademarks can be very complicated. To learn more about how companies are fighting back, […]

The New York Trademarked Cronut!

People wait in line for hours to get a chance to taste the trademarked New York Cronut from the Dominique Ansel Bakery. This cream-filled croissant-doughnut’s demand wipes out the bakery’s supply daily and, not surprisingly, some duplications of the Cronut have popped up since its creation. However, because Dominique Ansel had the forethought to file […]

The Right Time to Trademark Your Company’s Name

The best time to register your Trademark is as soon as you develop it. Taking care of this important piece of business early can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Being sure that you can use your brand without infringing on a company that may oppose its use helps you move forward […]

The Importance of Hiring an Expert When Filing for Trademark Protection

Often small businesses get started without much capital. This may lead to budget concerns and perhaps filing trademarks and handling other intellectual property issues independently. It’s only when these attempts go awry that business owners realize it is a better investment to consult with an expert. I received a call from a company recently that […]

The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection: The Small Brewery Example

Small business owners should be particularly knowledgeable about trademark and copyright issues. They need to protect themselves and their brand, while also being aware of infringing on other business brands. Let’s look at the small brewery as an example. With so many small breweries entering business, there are many potential legal issues that could arise. […]

If You Sell Your Company Do You Still Have Rights to the Company’s Trademark?

A gentleman owned a phone-book business under the name AMTEL. He later sold the business and the business was sold again to Yellowbook. The original gentleman started another phone-book company and again used the name AMTEL. He was sued by Yellowbook for trademark infringement. The seller believed that he as an individual jointly owned the […]

Protecting Your Creativity

You’ve just created a beautiful work of art; a song, a play, a painting, a novel. What can you do? Protect it with copyright You’ve just created a new machine- that makes the world a better place. What can you do? Protect it with a patent You’ve just created a logo for your company- It […]