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Lessons from a Naming Guru: How Savvy Naming and IP Work Together to Create a Winning Branding Strategy **Attorney Advertising**

I recently stumbled across this article on that highlights the work of Rachel Bernard, who has served in roles such as the “Director of Naming” and “Vice President of Verbal Strategy” at major ad agencies. You can read more about what she does and how important her position is as it relates to branding by reading the article How brands get their names, explained by a professional namer.”
Obviously, most small businesses do not have the budgets (or ability to access) a professional namer when developing their company and product names, which makes Bernard’s advice in this article all the more valuable for business owners and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to read. As would be assumed, and as Bernard points to, a winning name for any given brand should have a strategy behind it as it relates to the strategy behind the brand itself.
With regard to intellectual property, most obviously for trademarks, if the name you choose is too close to an existing trademark, or if your name runs the risk of becoming too generic and you ultimately lose your trademark in the future, you are creating bigger problems than you ever imagined down the road. This should be considered when choosing a name.
I strongly encourage you all to read the article and believe it will be a helpful guide if you are in the process of creating a branding strategy or working to develop a name for your business or brand.
Back to Basics: Choosing a Name Should Always Start with a Trademark Search
As Bernard notes many times throughout her interview, having a great name for your business or brand means nothing if you won’t be able to secure trademark protection for it in the future. That trademark registration transforms your name into a valuable asset for your company.
Whenever you are developing a name for your business or brand, take the time to consult with a trademark attorney right from the start. The minimal investment you make in your business at this stage of the game could make all the difference for your ability to take your business and brand to the levels of success that you envision.
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