What to Know When Seeking to Trademark a Foreign Word or Phrase **Attorney Advertising**

Coming up with a unique name for a brand, good, or service that can ultimately be trademarked is challenging. To stand out, and apart, from competitors and those who may already have intellectual property rights, some business owners will look to foreign words that aren’t commonly known or understood by English-speaking consumers to represent their […]

What is the difference between the different forms of intellectual property? **Attorney Advertising**

Intellectual Property is commonly referred to as “creations of the mind,” covering everything from artworks, inventions, logos, trademarks, music and software.  In the world of intellectual property, however, there are different tools used to protect each aspect of one’s creations or inventions. We’ll outline the four major tools used by intellectual property attorneys—trademarks, copyrights, patents […]

Budgeting For Intellectual Property Costs **Attorney Advertising**

“What’s this going to cost?”  Don’t worry; every intellectual property attorney knows that you have this question when it comes to finding out how much you’ll need to invest to protect your patents, copyrights and trademarks. The answer to this question, as you probably guessed, is not so clear cut.  Every business is different and […]

DIY Construction is Like DIY Legal. **Attorney Advertising**

We recently put a shed in our backyard and decided to do it ourselves. My wife loves working outdoors and I enjoy putting things together and am pretty handy. But, as is true for any process you have never done before, we quickly realized there were several steps and things to do along the way that […]

How Can I Tell if a YouTube Video is Copyrighted? **Attorney Advertising**

Have you come across a YouTube video that you’d like to use and you’re trying to figure out if it’s protected by copyright? Unless the video: Is your own; or, The video specifically says that it’s free to use as part of the public domain; …you can safely assume that the video is protected by […]

Franchising and Intellectual Property: What to Know ** Attorney Advertising*

Franchising is a business strategy whereby a franchisor (or founder/developer of the business) licenses his or her procedures, intellectual property, marketing, general know-how, and the rights to sell branded products and services to a franchisee. McDonald’s is a well-known example of a franchise. When a person purchases a McDonald’s franchise, he or she is licensing […]

Tips for Spotting Counterfeits on Amazon **Attorney Advertising **

I was recently shopping for a toddler drum set for my son when I spotted what seemed to be a great bargain: a brand new set for just under $2.00! It was my lucky day. Of course I say that in jest, as I immediately noticed the $13 shipping fee attached to the drum kit […]