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Intellectual Property Rights: Why Every Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Creative Should Pay Heed **Attorney Advertising**

When it comes to creating and maintaining a successful venture, securing your intellectual property rights should never be an afterthought. Yet, it often is. As an experienced intellectual property attorney, I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs treat legal matters as accidental occurrences, which, unfortunately, can lead to disastrous consequences. Let’s dive deeper into why you, as a business owner, entrepreneur, or creative, should care about intellectual property rights.

The Real-World Consequences of Neglecting Intellectual Property Rights

Let’s consider a few common scenarios:

  • Business Name Infringement: Imagine you’re an entrepreneur who’s launched a business under a desired company name without conducting a legal search for existing or similar names. One day, you’re served an infringement lawsuit, halting your operations.

  • Unauthorized Use of Online Images: Let’s say you’ve designed your website using online images without verifying their licensing details. Suddenly, you receive a demand letter from a photographer asking for $800 per picture used, as you didn’t have a proper license.
  • Unauthorized Disclosure of Inventions: Suppose you’re an inventor considering patent protection for an invention. To save on costs, you approach a company for partnership, discussing your ideas without any formal agreements. Subsequently, the company proceeds to secure the patent without your involvement.

All these scenarios could have been avoided if proper legal consultations had taken place right from the inception of the venture.

Early Legal Consultations: The Key to Sustainable Growth

Initiating discussions with an intellectual property attorney during the startup or incubation stage of your venture can prevent potential legal issues and lay a solid foundation for future growth. However, in the excitement and busyness of getting the venture off the ground, many neglect this critical step.

The mantra of “we’ll cross the bridge when we get there” might work for many business challenges, but when it comes to intellectual property issues, it’s a perilous approach. Imagine you’ve built brand awareness and a steady revenue stream only to be told you can no longer operate under your well-known name due to infringement issues. Or, suppose someone steals your content and publishes a bestselling book, leaving you scrambling to reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

Protecting Intellectual Property: An Ounce of Prevention…

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This couldn’t be truer for your intellectual property. Intellectual property is a vital asset, deserving protection and planning akin to any physical property, product, or tangible asset.

But remember, it’s never too late to do the right thing. If you’ve been operating without giving serious thought to your intellectual property rights, it’s time to change that. To get started simply Click here or call our office at (888) 666-0062 to schedule a consultation.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney.