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The US Copyright Office Introduces Emergency Electronic Submissions Due to COVID-19 Delays and Closures **Attorney Advertising **

The United States Copyright Office and all Library of Congress Buildings remain closed to in-person visits due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  When possible, employees of the Copyright Office are working remotely, while the number of onsite workers needed to process claims is being limited at this time […]

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USPTO Extends Certain Patent and Trademark Filings to June 1st Due to COVID-19 **Attorney Advertising**

Due to the continued COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has further extended the deadline to submit certain patent and trademark filings, as well as pay required fees, to June 1st, 2020. This temporary authority was granted under the […]

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Commonly Overlooked Places Where Your Intellectual Property May Be Exposed **Attorney Advertising**

Your intellectual property is an asset of your business, and as such, it’s important to diligently protect your “IP” from theft or misuse. We often recommend that business owners, inventors, and entrepreneurs make “policing” their intellectual property a regular activity of their business, just as they would […]

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Transferring or Passing Down Trade Secrets: What to Know. **Attorney Advertising**

Are you the owner of a valuable trade secret that you now want to transfer to a third-party, or possibly pass down to your loved ones? The good news is that trade secrets are considered personal property in the eyes of the law and therefore can be […]

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Intellectual Property Issues Surge Alongside Coronavirus Pandemic **Attorney Advertising**

As the world collectively bands together in the fight against COVID-19, intellectual property issues are simultaneously surging alongside the crisis. Without the immediate benefit of time to deal with infringement claims in a court of law, many problems are instead being hashed out in real time… and […]

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Coronavirus Causing Worldwide Disruptions at IP Offices **Attorney Advertising**

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, government agencies that handle intellectual property issues around the world are either closed or working short-staffed. As such, emergency policies related to intellectual property claims are being issued, such as the suspension of IP deadlines and altered rules for digital filings. If […]

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It’s Now Mandatory to E-File Trademark Applications with the USPTO **Attorney Advertising **

When I first started practicing law, the only way to file anything with the USPTO was to snail mail a paper application (or other trademark related form). When a deadline was at stake, I would have to go to the post office for a date stamp from […]

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What Does a “Merely Ornamental” Trademark Refusal Mean? **Attorney Advertising**

So, you’ve applied for a trademark but your application was denied for being “merely ornamental” Under TMEP Section 1202.03. You’re now likely wondering, “What does that even mean?” and “How can I overcome this rejection?” It helps to first understand how the United States Patent and Trademark […]

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Is a “Digital Timestamp” Enough to Prove Copyright Ownership of Music? **Attorney Advertising **

Most people have heard of the “Poor Man’s Copyright.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the process of sticking a creative work in an envelope and sending it to oneself via the post office in order to have a “federal timestamp” showing when the work […]

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Considerations When Choosing the International Class(es) for Your Trademark Application **Attorney Advertising**

When a person applies for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), they’ll be asked to select at least one International Class (IC) of goods and services associated with their mark to help the USPTO search for possible conflicting registrations. The description in […]

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