Important Legal Issues Around a Live Event

In September of this year I attended Ruth Sherman’s Charisma Live event to learn how to become a better speaker and presenter. In addition to benefiting from these events and putting them toward my own personal development, I always use these experiences to learn as much about the coaching industry so that I can better […]

Protect Your Coaching Business

The coaching industry is exploding. There are many questions about how to successfully run this unique type of business. How can your business become a good candidate for JV partnerships? How do you acquire the proper rights to use recordings of events or webinars? How do you protect your brand? These questions could apply to […]

Work For Hire and Giving Away the Farm

If you provide creative solutions to your clients, make sure you carefully read the fine print and understand the full details of your legal agreement. It’s especially important for creative professionals to understand whether or not their deliverables are falling into the category of “Work For Hire.” If you are providing Work For Hire, do […]

Six Tips to Improve Speech Delivery

At one time or another, most of us have been faced with the need to deliver a speech. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a rookie, the preparation and anticipation can cause some major anxiety. Joel Osteen is an internationally best-selling author who speaks publicly to thousands of people each week. Joel came up […]