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Trainers, Life Coaches, & Public Speakers — Make Sure to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Success didn’t come easy. You’ve worked hard to carve a niche for yourself and have finally become a successful public speaker, business trainer, and inspirational coach. Now, clients look to you for guidance on how to take their business to the next level. You’ve become a reliable source of information for many trusting clients. Because of this, it is especially important you make sure that your ideas and solutions are legally protected every step of the way. Our office can help.
Professional coaching, speaking, and consulting require a thorough knowledge of certain specialty areas that are important to your clients. Over time you’ve developed some great resources and tools. Some of the concepts you’ve created are applicable to several markets and professions. At this point, one question you should be considering is “ARE THE MATERIALS USED IN MY PRESENTATIONS, WEBSITE, AND MARKETING COLLATERAL PROTECTED?”
If you are sharing concepts via slideshows, webinars, training sessions, pamphlets, blogs, and other media, it’s critical that you determine which content needs to be legally protected. You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and emotions and even more is at stake. Our office can help you determine what content needs protection, and subsequently help you secure the appropriate Patent, Trademark, or Copyright. These details can be cumbersome, and it’s critical to work with an experienced team so that your legal protections don’t fall short. Fortunately, for you, the Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum practices in the area in Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret law. We are eager to help you protect your intellectual property.
Safeguarding our clients’ assets is important to our firm. You are well versed in your field, and we are well versed in ours. Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Laws have many intricacies and can be complicated. Let us handle sorting out the legalities so that you can focus on what you do best – developing and delivering solid content to your clients.
When you work with the Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum, communication is open and simple. During our initial consultation, you’ll meet with an actual attorney who looks forward to gaining an in-depth understanding of your business model and objectives. We’ll work together to identify measurable goals for the process. Moving forward, we will be in touch regularly to provide you with status updates and answer any questions you may have. You can move onward with confidence that the legal matters are being taken care of so that you can continue closing deals, securing speaking engagements, and forwarding your business.
Building strong and long-lasting relationships is important to the Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum. As your business and popularity continues to grow, you’ll be developing new concepts and solutions for your clients. Along the way, we’ll be beside you to help ensure that proper protection of all your intellectual property is secured and maintained.
You’ve worked hard to get your company to where it is today, make sure that your intellectual property is protected. The future of your brand depends on it. Contact our office today to learn more: