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Age of Access

Access to information and the reach of your brand and message has been in the process of changing and becoming easier in recent decades.  This fact absolutely has its positives and negatives depending on your individual views, but there are also certain aspects of this availability of information that change general practices to which we have become accustomed.  
The legal and intellectual property world are no exception to being impacted by changes in universal access to information.  Getting a new name, “brand”, advertising platform, or any idea, out to the eyes of the world at large has never been easier and is an amazing way to get yourself and your project the attention you want
…BUT (and it is a BIG BUT)
Those who have failed to make it a point to educate themselves about the laws of use of logos, slogans, marks, are in a much riskier position than they were before the appearance of Instagram, Google, Snapchat, et al.  While 20 years ago, a small-time carpenter could innocently call his creations Pottery Barn and likely get business in his town without drawing attention from THE Pottery Barn, that same carpenter would these days possibly  put his Pottery Barn table on Facebook, and likely be dealing with a serious infringement case to fight.
Do your homework. Research the name you love for your business. See our prior post on conducting a searchAnd Educate yourself! The more you know about Intellectual Property and how much value it has to your business, the more you stand to gain from it.
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