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Conducting Searches on a Trademark Before Filing

When you have created a Trademark and are excited to submit an application to get the ball rolling it can be difficult to slow down and look at everything clearly. However, that is exactly what you should do. One of the most important steps in filing for a Trademark is conducting a comprehensive search on it before you file.
The idea of waiting to file for a Trademark may seem counter intuitive. Rest assured, it is not. When you take the time in the beginning of the Trademark process, you will keep yourself from putting both time and money into a Trademark that may not work out.
Watch this video where we explore how and why the best choice is always to conduct a search on your Trademark before filing.

A quick search is usually the first step and is an efficient way to allow you to see if your Trademark (or one very similar to it) is already in use. If the results of a quick search show that your Trademark is clear, you will want to move onto the next step of a more comprehensive search.
Going through the entire process step-by-step is the only way you can be certain you are not going to waste even more resources by submitting an application that will be ultimately denied. Even if you conduct the most detailed search available, there is still some risk that important information regarding your Trademark may not be found. For this reason you should do everything you can to reduce the risks where you can.
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