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Intellectually Protecting Your Property ®


I see it time and time again, a client or potential client emails me from their work email when the basis of our relationship has no association with their work. Let’s make this simple: if you are seeking to pursue a project unrelated to your present job DO NOT USE YOUR WORK EMAIL.
• OWNERSHIP: YOU do not own your work email, your EMPLOYER does. Therefore, YOU do not own the content contained within the emails, your EMPLOYER does;
• PRIVACY: YOU have no right to privacy from your EMPLOYER; YOU have no right to confidentiality of the content; YOU may lose attorney-client privilege;
• EMPLOYMENT: YOU may be violating the terms of your employment; and
• INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: YOU may lose your rights to the content and ideas.
I cannot stress it enough, DO NOT use your work emails for your own business or personal use; WORK email => WORK functions.
Apropos work emails, if you ARE starting a business, show that you are serious and spend the few dollars to obtain your own domain. Gmail, AOL, yahoo, etc. can illustrate to some a wavering commitment even if you know that your ambitions are sincere. Make the statement that you have an established and legitimate business and pick up a domain.
If you are looking to get out of your 9-to-5 and are serious about starting your own business, contact us to discuss the details first. It will be in the best interest of you and your business.