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Hiring an Attorney is as Important to your Business as Getting a Check-Up is to your Health; Diagnose, Don’t Operate. 
I was looking for an article that explains to small business owners why they should hire an attorney as soon as they decide to go into business.  Upon searching, I immediately found articles that agreed with my stance as well as articles that were of the opposite opinion and suggested that not all small businesses need attorneys.  I figure, the best way to prove my credibility is to provide you examples of each school of thought and show why small business owners and knowledgeable attorneys are a match made in heaven.
THEM: This one from NOLO Nolo’s mission is to help small businesses find answers to their everyday legal issues.  Nolo’s articles equate hiring a lawyer to going to the emergency room, waiting until you have severe chest pain is to going to an emergency room, in regard to bodily health, as getting sued is to frantically searching for the phone to call an attorney, in regard to small business health.
ME: Just like in medicine, preventative, proactive care is the best solution for your business.  You go for a yearly checkup, you check your blood pressure, you exercise and eat well to ensure (or at least reduce the chances) that you will need to rush to the emergency room.
It just makes good sense to treat your business with similar sensibilities.  Open a separate bank account, keep track of your expenses, hire an accountant BEFORE receiving letters from the IRS; form your corporation and publish BEFORE the state comes to you with penalties; hire a good attorney who will help you choose a business name BEFORE you infringe on another’s, who will properly draft client service contracts BEFORE your clients stiff you or expect more than what they paid for, who will ensure all the work done by your employees and independent contractors is owned by you BEFORE they hold your website up for ransom, who will not only draft a proper partnership agreements, but help facilitate the deal BEFORE you find yourself at odds with each other and in a desperate legal situation.
The reason to hire a professional is to be proactive and prevent costly,  stressful,  and time consuming errors and issues later on that will not only steal your money, but your time.  You don’t know what you don’t know. Working with professionals can give you an idea of what to expect so you can avoid issues, make better, quicker, more informed, and more profitable decisions.
My intention is to act as a trusted advisor and counsellor, essentially as a professional problem preventer and solver.   I believe all businesses would benefit tremendously by establishing a relationship with a dedicated lawyer who they trust and can approach in confidence knowing that this attorney understands the specific challenges and opportunities of their industry.  As a small business owner and a lawyer, I know the obstacles of both building a business and the legal foundation necessary to make the business as strong as possible.
I realize that this sounds self-serving, but it is self-serving as a doctor recommending regular checkups, a personal trainer suggesting an exercise regimen, a dietitian developing a meal plan for you, or a mechanic suggesting tune-ups; it’s ultimately in YOUR best interest.
If you are planning to start a business or recently started one and have any questions contact us at (888)666-0062 or to discuss the details first. It will be in the best interest of you, your business, and your clients.