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USPTO is Seeing a Flood of Trademark Applications From China

Its has been reported recently that a large  number of Chinese citizens or companies based in China are seeking trademarks in the US, flooding the US Patent and Trademark Office with applications.  The Business Standard cites this surge is due to incentives the Chinese governments are providing to register trademarks in foreign countries and for Amazon brand registry.  ..

Having a trademark registered in the US is crucial for sellers on Amazon, whose brand-registry program rewards officially trademarked products with more site visibility and a higher listing in search.Brand registry is very important if you sell on Amazon.  Brand registry allows the owner of a registered trademark to add more details on the products page as well as register themselves as the brand owner. This allows sellers to create a company brand, manage it, and sell products under that brand name on Amazon.

Brand registry is good for buyers because it allows them to know that they are purchasing from the correct source and not a counterfeit.  Brand registry assists Amazon and sellers to remove counterfeit goods from the site. Brands can register their logo and property with Amazon so if anything is ever flagged as a counterfeit product, Amazon can investigate the listing, remove it, and take down the counterfeit sellers account. Providing the brand registry program is a strategic and smart move by Amazon, there has been rampant counterfeiting on Amazon, eBay and other online sellers due to the ease of sales.  Many customers have companied of purchasing goods that are inferior counterfeits.

Many of our clients are looking to brand registry to assist them in fending off counterfeiters, but now the counterfeiters mostly from foreign countries seem to be filing for their own trademarks in some cases to block the legitimate owner.

Brand registry is not the be-all end-all when it comes to dealing with counterfeiters, but it makes Amazon more likely to respond to your infringement claims and put you in a better position to have counterfeiters removed.

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