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What’s In a Name?

“It started off really fine with pleasantries, and then it was essentially them asking me to cancel my trademark application and that they would help me cancel it.”
These are the words from Bunmi Laditan, a writer for the blog and book franchise called The Honest Toddler. She is referring to the opposing company, The Honest Company. The two are fighting over a name. They have both have a registration for providing websites in the field of parenting.
The Honest Toddler is a satirical website and book series; and though The Honest Company sells unrelated eco-friendly baby products, The Honest Company claims the names are too similar and that consumers will be confused. The commonality appears to be that they both have a website. The two companies are now creating online campaigns to defend their respective positions and turning it into a “we said, she said” dispute.
The Honest Company is policing its mark: “It’s not a battle, it’s not a court case, no one is suing anyone. We have superior rights in a class that she is filing in,” claims an Honest Company spokesperson. “If we didn’t protect those rights, our rights over time would be diminished.” Further details about this case here: