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Intellectually Protecting Your Property ®

Beware of Trademark Certificate Scams

“Intellectually Protecting Your Property®” is the tagline of our law practice. Since we are in the business of intellectual property, we had our tagline officially trademarked. We recently received our trademark certificate. Of course this is good news for us, but it is also an opportunity to tell you about a scam that’s currently happening involving trademark certificates.

Scammers will send fake notifications. These notifications look official, but may come with a request for payment of $2000 or more. Many times these phony requests are from Eastern Europe. Take a look at the certificate and scam notification below. The top one is the legitimate trademark certificate. The bottom one is from these scammers.


If you receive a document like this bottom one, do not pay anything until you speak with an attorney. We practice what we preach and protected our corporate identity. Now, be sure to protect YOUR property and don’t get fooled in the process. Call us today to get your property protected the right way. 718-246-8482 and read more about intellectual property: