Make Sure YOU Own the Rights to Your Creative Property

Entrepreneurs and business owners often hire a third party to create anything from websites to logos to ad copy. While these works may have been commissioned and paid for by the business owner, that doesn’t necessarily mean they own the rights to them. I see this kind of thing happen all the time. A company […]

You’re Never Too Old to Stop Learning

When you were five years old, you joined the tee-ball team or hockey league with visions of being the next Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky in your head. Yet, when you got out on that field, you discovered that you hit the tee more often than you hit the baseball, or that your butt made […]

Supreme Court Decision Could Change the Face of Software Patents

The software industry may face difficulties maintaining certain patents if the Supreme Court upholds an appeal from a lower court. If the decision is not overturned, it would mean software companies could have a harder time defending themselves in lawsuits. The Supreme Court previously ruled that abstract ideas and natural phenomena, such as laws of […]

The Myth of the Patent Troll

A patent troll or “non practicing entity “or “patent assertion entity” is an individual or company that holds a patent(s) but has no intention of manufacturing the product or software. The negative connotation “troll” comes from the idea that this is a business model in which patents are obtained for the sole purpose of extorting […]

Cost Effective, Reliable Solutions to Your Legal Needs

At the Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum we seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. After all, we don’t succeed unless we provide exemplary results and continued communication with our clients. We provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to your legal needs. We know that the intricacies of intellectual property law can be complicated […]