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We work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and industries. What they all share are a strong work ethic and a passion to provide results for their customers. We share this drive and enjoy helping clients understand the legal intricacies of owning a business so that they can be confident in their decisions. Just […]

Pesky Counterfeiters Steal Market Share

Products and services are always being counterfeited and technological advancements have actually simplified the process for infringing designers.  The Internet has made the purchase of counterfeit goods accessible to anyone with a mouse and keyboard. Protecting a company’s patents, copyrights, and trademarks can be very complicated. To learn more about how companies are fighting back, […]

If You Sell Your Company Do You Still Have Rights to the Company’s Trademark?

A gentleman owned a phone-book business under the name AMTEL. He later sold the business and the business was sold again to Yellowbook. The original gentleman started another phone-book company and again used the name AMTEL. He was sued by Yellowbook for trademark infringement. The seller believed that he as an individual jointly owned the […]