What is Digital Piracy and How Do I Protect Myself? **Attorney Advertising**

The act of piracy no doubt sounds like an offense committed on the high seas by pirates in search of gold and treasures. Actual piracy, however, does involve a crime, but there are no pirates or swashbucklers involved. It’s simply the act of illegally downloading and or distributing copyrighted works. That means anyone who creates […]

Help! An Employee Set Up and “Owns” My Social Media Accounts! **Attorney Advertising**

In today’s digital landscape, social media accounts should undoubtedly be considered an asset of a person’s business.  By using social media accounts, companies are able to cheaply, if not freely, expose their products and services to new customers, acquire fans and followers, and create an online place where engagement and communication can happen in real […]

Are You Protecting the Hidden Trade Secrets in Your Business? ** Attorney Advertising**

When you hear the words “trade secrets,” what comes to mind? Many people think of super famous examples, such as the long-coveted recipes for Coca-Cola or KFC’s chicken. These top-secret formulas have managed to remain closely-guarded for decades and have allowed Coke and KFC to retain a unique edge over their competition. The mystery and […]

™ or ®: What’s the Difference? ** Attorney Advertising **

Trademarks are distinctive names or symbols of companies, products, or services that distinguish one company’s goods or services from that of their competitors. Registration of a mark helps to deter others from using the same name or symbol to market their own products. There are multiple symbols used to convey the status of one’s trademark […]

Raise a Glass and Protect Your Assets!

Not just anyone can brew the perfect beer. It takes the right person (or team) years to develop the right recipe. You bring quality and your customers love you for it! If you have a proprietary recipe, it’s important to take steps to ensure that it is protected. If not, you are putting yourself and […]