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“Live with intention.” It’s the only way to live…

It’s human nature to be wary of the unknown; to want to know the outcome of every decision before you finally take the steps to act; to want to know for sure that you will be successful.
I understand this perspective, because I used to be the same way. I was terrified of taking risks for fear that if I jumped blindly into the unknown there would be no one there to catch me.  One day I decided that the unknown didn’t scare me anymore.  I jumped. To Israel, where I not only learned that sometimes you just have to make the decision, but also where I met my wife.
That initial leap proved that I didn’t need anyone to catch me. With the right attitude, the ability to apply my skills where and when necessary and, above all, the willingness to make the decision, I was all I needed to keep from falling. And, at the risk of sounding corny, I learned that I was all I needed to fly.
Since starting my own practice, I’ve made many risky decisions and instead of waiting for “just the right time” to act upon them, I’ve jumped.  While my increased readiness to take risks has helped me succeed, it’s also due in no small part to trusted people in my life. You see, you can take risks all you want, but if you don’t take the biggest risk of all and trust others to help you when you need it, you’ll be holding yourself back.
If you’re serious about our business, you’ll be willing to jump into the unknown AND be willing to accept help when you need it. Whether help means hiring a coach to help you become a better coach, seeking the assistance of a CPA to handle your taxes, or enlisting the support of an attorney to help form your business, you’ll do it, because your love for your business and your desire for success is much greater than your ego.
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