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The Right Time to Trademark Your Company’s Name

The best time to register your Trademark is as soon as you develop it. Taking care of this important piece of business early can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Being sure that you can use your brand without infringing on a company that may oppose its use helps you move forward and focus on your business and products with confidence. It allows you to build recognition with your customers without the worry that you would need to change the look of your company after customers are already familiar with its appearance. This recognition and goodwill adds value to your business and the Trademark, like any other asset, may be monetized by licensing and/or selling it.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s article entitled “When is the Right Time to Trademark Your Company’s Name” points out that trademark applicants who retained an attorney to help register their trademark were 50 percent more likely to get their trademarks approved than those who applied without legal representation. Being denied your desired Trademark can not only be disappointing but can also cost you more in either developing a new mark or in responding to the USPTO’s refusal and attempting to overturn the decision. Moreover, discussing your brand, logo, or slogan with an attorney knowledgeable in trademark law can help position your company to build a strong protectable and potentially more valuable brand. You can read more about when to register your trademark in this BusinessWeek article.