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Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware

Fine-print is everywhere. We see it daily on medical release forms, food packaging, closing paperwork, sports waivers, big-ticket purchases, small-ticket purchases, and even in the movies we rent or the music we download. Our culture is generally in a state of information overload.  Most people scroll through the fine print, click “ok”, and assume that everything will be just fine, but this practice of blissful ignorance might not be the best habit to develop especially in regard to your business development plan.
When it comes to your business do not assume that you fully understand your business agreements unless you’ve read the fine print. There’s a reason for the extensive verbiage. Every word, clause, and paragraph has a function in protecting the best interests of the entity who wrote it; it is your responsibility to make sure you are safe as well.  Not everyone has your best interest at heart and it’s up to you to protect your business from potential danger.  We can help.. Don’t feel overwhelmed. When it comes to fine print, we have your back. You can run your business while we handle the legal obstacles.
PROBLEM: Clients often sign agreements without fully reading the fine print or completely understanding what they have agreed to. Often, there is more to an agreement than initially understood. When complications arise, business owners spend more money, time, effort, and stress undoing a bad deal. This can all be avoided by understanding a contract’s fine-print. The Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum are here to provide a legal safety net. We’ll help you navigate a negotiation in a way that is best for your business and your bottom line.
Along with owning a business comes a significant amount of contracts and agreements needed to keep your business afloat.  You may deal with any of several web providers, designers, copyrighters, clients, vendors, JV partners, marketing strategists, business coaches, lease brokers, banks, mail houses, etc. Being proactive is the best policy when it comes to protecting your business. Instead of trying to fix a deal that has gone bad as a result of unwittingly signing into a contract, let us ensure that you are getting the deal you want.
As a business owner, when it comes to legal obligations, always understand your position.  If you are not fully comfortable reviewing and negotiating your own contracts, contact the Law Offices of Jason H. Rosenblum today: