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New Editing Tool Helps Users Correct Copyright Issues on YouTube **Attorney Advertising**

Content creators are getting a bit of help from YouTube in the quest to cut down on copyright infringement claims on the video-sharing platform.
Users can now access new tools within YouTube’s Studio, where they will find specific information about the copyright claims being made against them, such as:

  • Which video was removed for copyright issues
  • Who submitted the copyright complaint
  • Steps that must be taken to resolve the issue

In addition to helping users more fully understand the copyright issues that may exist within their videos, YouTube has also given content creators access to a new video editing tool that will allow them to easily remove offending sections. The tool is called “Assist Trim,” and it automatically selects endpoints within the video that should be removed to address copyright claims.
Both YouTube and the site’s content creators have long struggled to deal with copyright claims that seem to pop up faster than the platform is equipped to deal with them. These new tools are an attempt to help users more easily resolve problems on their own (such as having the ability to cut out copyrighted music playing in the background of a video) without YouTube having to take more arbitrary actions.
YouTube is also taking steps to bring more scrutiny to copyright claims in general to hopefully cut back on abuse and fraudulent reports. Such changes include requiring claimants to identify the exact places where they allege their copyright has been violated, as opposed to simply having the ability to “flag” a video in its entirety for offending content. Unfortunately, users were having their videos removed following bad faith “flags” from competitors or cyber attackers where no such infringement existed.
Finally, it’s important to note that just because YouTube flags a video for copyright issues does not necessarily mean that a violation exists. If you are a content creator with a legitimate dispute about the claims being made against you (e.g. you believe you have the right to use copyrighted material under Fair Use or another exception), you can still work with a lawyer or go through the court system to make your defense known. Also, just because it does not flag your video does not meant that you are no violating another’s intellectual property rights. If you need assistance, we invite you to contact our copyright attorneys at 888-666-0062 to schedule a consultation.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney.