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Why You Need to Love Your Work Space

You spend a large percentage of your life working. So, you should not only love what you do, but you should love where you do it. How you feel about your office space will greatly determine how productive you are throughout the day, the quality of your work and even how you feel about your job.
Think about it—in most other aspects of our lives, our spaces are a reflection of who we are. Our bedrooms are a sanctuary where we feel at peace to relax and sleep. Our living rooms are where we choose to spend our free time. Our dining rooms are where we entertain friends and family members and try to make them feel at home in our homes. Even our clothing, our cars, and our pets say something about who we are as people, and they influence how we feel about ourselves. So, why should our office spaces be any different? They’re not, and companies are just starting to realize this.
For too long, companies designed office spaces based off of the corporate identity, team dynamics or just convenience. But more and more, these companies are starting to notice a decrease in productivity and employee happiness. Smart companies, such as Google, Pixar, Dropbox, and Groupon decided to be different, and look where they’re at today.
If you have a choice, decorate your office so that it becomes a place of inspiration. You’ll see a vast improvement in your productivity and your job satisfaction. I know that when I made the move, I certainly did: