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Live events are hot right now.  You have invested countless hours and a chunk of change into a live event that you know will build your positive reputation, grow your audience, and ultimately create buzz enough to sell your higher ticket programs or items.
A seamlessly run event is what will get attendees to sign up for your offer, your brand, YOU.  I was recently at a NEARLY perfect event, but…the organizer failed take into consideration the legal aspects: [youtube_sc url=”” title=”LEGAL%20EVENT%20CONSIDERATIONS:%20THE%20IMPORTANCE%20OF%20A%20RELEASE” autohide=”1″]

With live events being such an asset to your business, why be vulnerable where you can be protected?  The easiest way to avoid legal susceptibility is to cover yourself preemptively. Have a release at ALL events (live, online, telesummit, webinar, etc.). A release is a document where one party gives up a right it would otherwise have and may cover many areas:

  • General or tort Release:  this protects you from personal injuries claims, both physical as well as mental.  If your events include any action where the participants can potentially get physically hurt or injured (as simple as walking to a microphone or as extreme as walking on fire) be sure to have attendees sign a release prior to participating in the event to be sure you are not liable;
  • Confidentiality: you want the event attendees to feel free to share their story and be truthful and open in order to get the best results;
  • Media Release: Why have an event if you will not record it and take photographs, so ensure that you have consent to use it in any and every way in future publications such as videos, books, or blog posts without a royalty payment;
  • Waiver of liability: coverage in case of trips or falls, property stolen or damaged, etc.;
  • Refund policy for the event: this is governed by the state that you are holding the event in and most states require that it is in writing and clear; and
  • No results guarantee: life is do it yourself the attendees still need to take action.

As a coach, you probably host events in which failure to cover YOURSELF from any of the above subjects will leave you open to legal susceptibility. Be smart, be foolproof, be proactive, cover yourself before to avoid pitfalls later.
If you are planning an event and have any questions relating to legal aspects of a live event contact us at to discuss the details first. It will be in the best interest of you, your business, and your clients.