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Happy New Year: Works From 1924 Entered the Public Domain in 2020 **Attorney Advertising**

After enjoying 95 years of copyright protection, the public can now freely access and edit copyrighted materials from 1924 as they officially enter the public domain. The materials are available for use as of January 1st, 2020, without requiring permission or a license from the original copyright holder.
Some notable works that are now a part of the public domain include:

  • Agatha Christie’s The Man in the Brown Suit (book)
  • Dante’s Inferno (film)
  • George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (music)
  • Hot Water (film)
  • The first adaptation of Peter Pan (film)
  • Santa Claus Blues, recorded by Louis Armstrong (music)

How to find 1924 Works in the Public Domain
There are a variety of places online where these classic works can be accessed for consumption and even creative use, including:

Of course, it’s possible that some works from 1924 might not be accessible online simply because they have not been preserved throughout the years and are now lost.  Alternatively, those searching the public domain may find works published later than 1924 that may or may not be  available for use. In such cases, it depends if   the creator of the work renewed his or her copyright under the less-favorable laws that existed prior to 1978.
Either way, the public domain offers a treasure trove of classic works that are available for art, music, and literary enthusiasts to enjoy and even build upon to create new works for our day and age. From everyone here at the Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC, we wish you a happy new year and happy searching!
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