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So you call yourself an expert…

We have all heard the term “buyer beware” and likely most associate it with the consumption and purchase of material goods. A healthy practice; cover yourself. But do not limit this precaution to physical products.
So many services are offered today and practitioners are ubiquitous and often quite savvy in their self-representation. Many are legitimate and downright wonderful. Others, not so much. Know what to look for and who to trust by educating yourself.
Are you looking for dietary advice because you feel low on energy and want some tips on what changes you could make to give yourself a boost? You should probably make sure you are talking to a REGISTERED DIETICIAN and not a self-proclaimed “Certified Nutritionist.” This is not to say that ALL “Nutritionists” are quacks (many may have studied and taken worthwhile courses to give themselves a strong understanding for their teachings) or that ALL Registered Dieticians are good advisors, this is just to say, EDUCATE YOURSELF and know the difference.
Just as the term “Certified Nutritionist” can be thrown around as it is not regulated by any official government body, so too can the titles “Certified Coach,” “Expert at Holistic Healing,” “Business Consultant,” among others.
One profession whose practitioners CANNOT by New York (and many other) State Bar rules define themselves as “experts” or “specialists” in a particular field of law is attorneys. The legal industry is highly regulated by the state bars. If you are reading this as an Attorney, please be sure in your advertisements, social media, website, etc. NOT to describe yourself as an expert or specialist in any specific area of the law.
For those of you who are not attorneys and are using any form of self-promotion, there is someone watching you as well. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is here to make sure you are portraying yourself and/or your business in an honest and truthful light. Do not be fraudulent, do not misrepresent yourself. Do self-promote in the most positive and accurate way possible and get your good name out there!
If you have any questions relating to FTC and its regulation of your advertisements contact us at to discuss the details first. It will be in the best interest of you, your business, and your clients.