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CAN-SPAM: Why It Could End Up Costing You $16,000

Have you ever found yourself on some company’s email list and you can’t remember ever signing up for it? Maybe the content interests you, maybe it doesn’t, but either way, you promise yourself you’ll be more careful about what you sign up for in the future.
This seems to happen to people all the time—and you know why it happens so frequently? Because companies pull emails from websites, social media channels, business cards, brochures, and whatever else gives out these profitable contact details, and they add them to their email list.
If you’d done this before (i.e. used someone’s email address without their permission) you need to rethink your list-building strategy, because for each individual email sent out to an address you didn’t gain permission to use, you could be fined $16,000. Yes, you read that correctly: $16,000! That is a lot of money to pay for 500 +/- words.
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