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Don’t Delay in Protecting your Products and Brands

Don’t Delay in Protecting your Products and Brands
Some inventors and business owners find reasons to justify not filing for a patent or trademark when they should. They may think they do not have enough money to handle the expense, they have put it on the back burner to focus on other matters, or they are unsure of how to handle the application. Whatever the reason, delaying protecting your creative assets could cause you to face unnecessary future expenses, waste precious amounts of your time, and leave you exposed to others replicating your product or brand and therefore diverting potential income away from you and your company. To avoid this you should file for a patent or trademark as soon as you can and you should seek the expertise of a trustworthy licensed attorney to assist you in the process.
A good attorney will make the application process much easier, keep you informed of important steps in the process, be able to ensure that you have complete knowledge of your rights, and can assist you in the future for changes or issues that might arise.
Yet, that leads us to another dilemma. Where and when do you start? How do you find an attorney that you know you can trust? How do you find one that you can build a solid business relationship with so that you know that not only will your patent be filed correctly but that you will have a reliable attorney to contact in the future if needed? To help you out, here are a few tips on what you should do when looking for an attorney.

    Set qualification:

    • If you are looking to protect an invention, choose a lawyer who is registered to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office.
    • Search for a lawyer who has focused his practice on trademark and patent law. This is a complicated legal field and not something you should approach with a lawyer that does not consistently work in that field.

    Consider conducting a background check:

  • Be aware of your lawyer’s bar admissions, history, credentials, skills, and expertise.

Check reviews on sites such as,,, Angie’s List and the like to see what others have said.

    Set a pre-consultation with the lawyer you are considering:

    • Ask questions about his experience in the field.
    • Bring up any issues of concern.
    • Leave the meeting feeling informed.

      Consider the location:

    • The attorney’s office should be convenient for you. Find out what the firms intentions are and make sure that they are someone you feel you will be able to work with today as well as in the future.

      Consider your budget:

    • An ideal lawyer is affordable and cost effective for you.
    • Find out how they handle their fees and billing.
    • Make sure you and your attorney are comfortable and clear about the billing procedures and costs.

      Be Forthcoming:

    • Discuss your concerns with your lawyer. Anything that worries you should be brought up in order to find the best and fastest solution. Remember that attorneys are bound by the attorney-client privilege.

      Be Honest:

    • Be open so your lawyer can determine and find out ways to work with you. When you find a lawyer you can trust, the communication will be mutually open and straightforward. Your patent/trademark attorney needs to know details about your business, your ultimate goals, and patent and/or trademark details so that they can find the best way to help you achieve your goals.

      Be Proactive:

    • The sooner you file for a patent or trademark the sooner you are legally protected. Moreover, failing to consult with an attorney early on, such as prior to using a logo, brand name, slogan, or an invention may put you at the risk of infringing on another’s rights.

    Hopefully these tips help you in finding a lawyer you can trust and work with in the years to come. Filing for a patent and trademark can actually be fun and exciting when the stress of the details is being handled by a knowledgeable attorney.
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