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Two Points to Consider When Choosing a Trademark **Attorney Advertising**

A trademark is a word, phrase, slogan, symbol, design, or combination thereof that identifies the source of a good or service and distinguishes them from other businesses or brand in the marketplace. Basically, a trademark tells consumers that your goods and services come from you and not […]

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Using Distinctive Packaging? Consider Trademark Protection. **Attorney Advertising**

Is the packaging of your product so distinctive that consumers can instantly recognize you of the source of the item? If so, read on to learn how you may be able to secure a trademark for your product packaging. Trademarks help point consumers to the source of a good or service. In […]

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Four Things to Know Before Filing for a Trademark **Attorney Advertising**

Filing for a trademark requires time and money. as such, you’ll likely want to be as prepared as possible heading into the initial application process to avoid unnecessary setbacks. If you are planning on filing a trademark application, the following four items should be considered before you […]

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“” is now a Trademark: Why Does it Matter? **Attorney Advertising**

In the first-ever United States Supreme Court case to take place over the phone, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, was found to be a trademarkable name, despite containing a generic term. In an 8-1 ruling[1], the Court decided the combination of the generic term Booking with […]

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A Quick Guide to Adopting Dead Trademarks **Attorney Advertising**

Finding the perfect name or logo to represent your brand can be daunting. Not only do you need to think of something memorable, but you also need to make sure it’s not already in use or too similar to an existing trademark. You are likely aware of […]

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Avoid These Common Trademark Mistakes **Attorney Advertising**

Brands often rely on a memorable name, quality reputation, and a catchy slogan to succeed. Although this might seem straightforward, it’s surprisingly easy to make an error or omission regarding your trademark that could allow others to infringe on the brand you are working to build, or […]

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Can You Register a Two-Word Trademark When One of Those Words is Already Trademarked for a Similar Product or Service ? **Attorney Advertising**

This is a great, but loaded, question that I thought best explained as fully as possible in a post. As a trademark lawyer, I am often asked about scenarios such as this, where one entity wishes to trademark a name but is somewhat uncertain about whether or […]

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Trademark Myths: Part 1 ** Attorney Advertising**

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around the business world about trademarks. Smart entrepreneurs are waking up to the fact that this area of law is critical to successful branding, which is the foundation of sales, revenue, and ultimate business success. It doesn’t matter if you are […]

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What’s in a Name? **Attorney Advertising**

Naming is one of the most important pieces of launching a new business, brand, or product – yet most people don’t know how to weigh the different factors involved in the decision. Making the wrong choice can cost you dearly. I have encountered many clients who have […]

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What to Know When Changing the Design of a Registered Trademark **Attorney Advertising**

There are lots of reasons why organizations decide to change their company’s trademark or logo design. As a business matures, the company could decide it wants to rebrand or change direction to attract a different type of customer. Whatever the driving force behind this decision, as a […]

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