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Contracts: Top Ten Things to Consider **Attorney Advertising**

Contracts. Boring and complicated right? Many times, yes. But, if you consider that a contract is a preemptive solution to avoiding problems between two parties ultimately hoping together to succeed in accomplishing a mutual goal, then they can be pretty interesting and straight-forward. Always keep in mind […]

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Is Your Virtual Assistant an Employee or Independent Contractor? **Attorney Advertising**

As you grow your company and expand your team, you may find the prospect of hiring “virtual” employees to be an attractive and flexible option.   For starters, having remote team members can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in overhead expenses. […]

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The Power of Sensational Words

After almost two years of going back and forth with US Patent & Trademark Office I recently obtained a registration for a client’s trademark.  Upon notifying the client, his response was “sensational.” Reading that word put a huge smile on my face.  I have received joyful responses […]

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LEVERAGE your contracts to INCREASE your PROFITS; The importance of Clear Contracts in Business

LEVERAGE your contracts to INCREASE your PROFITS; The importance of Clear Contracts in Business I was recently a presenter for the July 2014 Institute of Management Consultants (“IMC”) C2M Webinar.  As the name states the IMC is primarily made up of consultants, however, we discussed many of […]

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Force Majeure – Force MaWhat

Force Majeure. If you have ever read a contract, most likely included in it was a provision called Force Majeure. Force Majeure, in literal translation from French, means “superior or irresistible power.”  Its use in contracts stateside has been defined as “an event that is a result […]

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