YouTube Copyright Strikes: What to Know **Attorney Advertising**

If you receive a “copyright strike” from YouTube, it means that someone claiming to be the copyright owner has filed a legal takedown request with the platform, alleging infringement. If you are indeed violating someone’s copyright, YouTube will likely remove your video in order to comply with federal law. The mere removal of your video […]

Is a Product Superior Because it’s “Patent Pending?” **Attorney Advertising**

Tune into any episode of Shark Tank and you’ll hear contestants proudly working into their pitch that their invention is “patent pending,” as if this implies that the product is superior in some way and should be given an extra look by the sharks. Or maybe you’ve recently shopped on Amazon, and you’ve noticed sellers […]

3 Steps to Protect Ownership of Your Social Media Accounts **Attorney Advertising**

It’s not uncommon for employees or consultants to run a company’s socials media. But, without careful attention to the details, this arrangement can cause trouble for the business or brand if the person running the account decides to quit or gets fired in the future. The nightmare scenario that we unfortunately see too often is […]

Is This a Trademark Scam? **Attorney Advertising**

When you apply for a trademark, your filing becomes a part of the public record.  That means anyone can find out basic information about you, your contact details (including your address and email address listed on the filing) and very specific details about your filings such as your initial application dates and renewal deadlines. Unfortunately, […]

Is Software Patentable? **Attorney Advertising**

Software has become one of the biggest concerns for our clients.  They are creating software applications every day and trying to figure out what, if anything, is patentable. When we are asked this question by developers, we try to learn more about the software, the underlying design and architecture of the software system to determine […]

What is the difference between the different forms of intellectual property? **Attorney Advertising**

Intellectual Property is commonly referred to as “creations of the mind,” covering everything from artworks, inventions, logos, trademarks, music and software.  In the world of intellectual property, however, there are different tools used to protect each aspect of one’s creations or inventions. We’ll outline the four major tools used by intellectual property attorneys—trademarks, copyrights, patents […]