My Trademark’s a Dud… Now What? (Spoiler: You Don’t Have to Start Over!)

You poured your heart into creating your brand. You crafted a name you thought was catchy and designed a logo that felt just right. Finally, you registered that trademark with a mix of excitement and relief. Then… crickets. Customers seem confused. They don’t “get” what the name has to do with your business. It might […]

How Intellectual Property Drives Value in Mergers and Acquisitions **Attorney Advertising**

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) often forms the foundation of a company’s value. Naturally, during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals, a company’s IP portfolio takes center stage. But how exactly are these intangible assets evaluated and leveraged? Unearthing the Value: IP Due Diligence Before any deal is finalized, a thorough IP due diligence […]

Should You Trademark Your Social Media Handle?  **Attorney Advertising**

Has your social media username become your brand’s voice? Maybe you’ve built a following under a creative handle like “PennyWiseMama” or “FixItFelix” rather than simply using your personal name. This persona is now how you engage with fans, generate attention, and build a loyal following. But as your online presence grows, so might the need […]

Can You Trademark Your Domain Name? Here’s the Answer. **Attorney Advertising**

Your domain name (e.g., is your online address and a crucial part of your online presence. But in a crowded digital landscape, how do you gain valuable legal protection for this asset? Trademarks may be the answer but with some important stipulations. Trademarks in a Nutshell Trademarks help your customers associate goods or services […]