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Maintaining IP Protection

The protection for IP does not stop once it is registered, you must ensure that no one is infringing on your rights. No one is going to police others for you, so you need to set up procedure and tools to assist you.

Registration Maintenance Docketing – Most forms of IP have renewals or maintenance fees that are due in order to maintain the registration. If you fail to pay and renew the registrations, it may jeopardize your rights. We advise clients of these due dates and docket and monitor them to ensure a deadline is not missed.

Watch services –

A trademark watch service can be a great precautionary step in preventing trademark infringement and preemptively protecting your brand. In using a trademark watch service we are updated on a regular basis regarding the application, publication, or appearance of confusingly similar marks to the one for which we have signed up to receive notices.

Similarly, a patent watch service can be a great precautionary step in preventing third parties from seeking to register patents for inventions that are identical or similar to those of your registered inventions.

Market watches are set up to monitor what third parties are actually doing in the marketplace. It alerts us to potential infringers on many aspects of your IP through the use of artificial intelligence and web crawlers.

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