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How to Transfer Ownership of Your Patents Following a Medical Crisis or Death *Attorney Advertising*

Inventors are often presented with many opportunities to sell or transfer ownership of their patents.  Usually, a proposal of this sort is a happy and joyful occurrence, meaning that the inventor is nearing a payday and receiving affirmation that their idea or invention could provide a valuable […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Litmus Test for Intellectual Property | Brooklyn and Charleston Trademark Attorney

Entrepreneurs have a keen understanding that time and money are important assets for their company. However, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t include their intellectual property in that list. In fact, many small business owners don’t even consider whether or not they have intellectual property. This leaves a […]

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The Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Foreign Countries

Companies often neglect to consider how important it is to protect their intellectual property overseas. Even some of those business-savvy industry giants mistakenly overlook this critical aspect of brand growth and protection.  Apple and New Balance have been two of the world famous players that have been […]

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Amazon Seller’s Legal Issues

As many of us know based on direct experience, Amazon has made the buying and selling of nearly any item far easier than it has ever been. You may be, as many of my clients are, one of those individuals or businesses who has taken advantage of […]

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5 Major Intellectual Property Mistakes Businesses Make

In working with small businesses we consistently see mistakes that the owners of these businesses could easily avoid if only they were made aware.  Here are 5 Intellectual Property mistakes to know and avoid: 1. Picking the Wrong Brand Name. When you start your business and choose […]

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The Myth of the Patent Troll

A patent troll or “non practicing entity “or “patent assertion entity” is an individual or company that holds a patent(s) but has no intention of manufacturing the product or software. The negative connotation “troll” comes from the idea that this is a business model in which patents […]

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Supreme Court Says Naturally Occurring DNA May Not be Patented

The Supreme Court recently ruled that no segment of the human DNA may be patented because they occur naturally in nature. The ruling involves Myriad Genetics of Utah which has found a way to isolate two genes thought to increase risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Those […]

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Protecting Your Creativity

You’ve just created a beautiful work of art; a song, a play, a painting, a novel. What can you do? Protect it with copyright You’ve just created a new machine- that makes the world a better place. What can you do? Protect it with a patent You’ve […]

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