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“Why Can’t I Copyright My Title?”… and Other Surprising Things You CAN’T Copyright **Attorney Advertising **

Have you come up with a catchy title for a book, a song, or even a movie and you want to be absolutely sure that no one else steals it? You may be surprised to learn that you can’t actually copyright titles, slogans, or sayings. That’s right. […]

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Has Someone Stolen Your Content? Here’s How to Find and Notify the Web Host **Attorney Advertising **

Digital content theft is an unfortunate reality that business owners, brands, and content creators must be prepared to deal with.  Whether someone steals a blog post you created, republishes one of your digital downloads or offers a counterfeit product of yours for sale on the web, you […]

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Can I Sell My Copyright? **Attorney Advertising **

Are you the owner of a copyright that you are thinking about selling? The good news is that a copyright is treated like any other personal property, meaning that the owner of a copyrighted work may transfer all, or even parts, of their rights to another person […]

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Peloton’s Infringement Lawsuit is a Warning to Gym Owners and Fitness Pros Who Play Music in their Classes and Facilities Without a Proper License

Every fitness pro and instructor knows that music can make or break a workout. With the right playlist, clients are often motivated to run a little faster, cycle a little harder or Zumba a little feistier. While designing classes centered around great tunes is an increasingly important […]

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What Every Artist Should Know About Licensing Their Work to a Third Party **Attorney Advertising **

The internet and social media are proving to be invaluable resources for independent artists looking to expose their work not only to the general public, but also to larger companies who may desire to license their art for fees or royalties down the road. After all, the […]

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Trademark, Copyright, or Patent: Which Do I Need? **Attorney Advertising **

When it comes to protecting one’s intellectual property, there are a number of legal tools that a business owner or entrepreneur can use to safeguard their assets and prevent others from stealing their work. The terms trademark, copyright, and patent are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but it’s […]

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I Want to Incorporate an Emoji into my Product, Logo, or Marketing Pieces. Is that Copyright Infringement? **Attorney Advertising **

In today’s world of social media domination emojis have changed the way we communicate and express ourselves. Bad day? Poop emoji. Celebrating something? Spanish dancing girl. Want to show your love? Heart or kissy face emoji. No words necessary. Even though emojis are free and easy to […]

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Someone Is Ignoring My Cease and Desist Letter… Now What? **Attorney Advertising**

When a person discovers that someone else is using their intellectual property without permission, whether it’s an infringement of their copyright, trademark, or some combination of both, one of the first steps to get the offending party to take the content down or stop their activity is […]

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Need to Locate the Source of an Image? Try Conducting a Google Reverse Image Search **Attorney Advertising **

If you discover an image that you want to use but you’re not sure of its origin or how to obtain a license from  the owner, you can perform a Reverse Image Search using Google Images to locate the copyright holder. Remember, never use an image without […]

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How to Stop a Copycat Online by Sending a DMCA Takedown Notice **Attorney Advertising **

What should you do if you’ve discovered that your copyrighted work has been posted somewhere on the internet that you have not authorized? One option is to send a DMCA Takedown Notice, which is a mechanism that content creators can use to request that a website host, […]

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