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Work for Hire Agreements Can Help You Retain Ownership and Copyright Protection Over Work Created for Your Business **Attorney Advertising**

Many business owners utilize the services of independent contractors or virtual workers to create content for their business. Services that are generally outsourced to such workers may include email marketing, blogging, website content creation, the creation of print materials, white papers, formal reports, and more. But, when […]

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The Marijuana Industry Is Booming, But Cannabis Businesses and Growers are Still Facing Hurdles to Protect Their Intellectual Property Rights. **Attorney Advertising **

As more states move to legalize marijuana for medical and even recreational use, new businesses and industries are popping up to meet the growing demand for cannabis in the United States. Yet, one door that continues to remain closed for entrepreneurs and businesses in the marijuana industry […]

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Trademark Owners: If You Receive an Email About Changes to Your Trademark Application or Registrations, It May Be Scam **Attorney Advertising **

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently put out an alert regarding a new scam in which unauthorized parties use the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) to file changes to accounts in an attempt to register the marks of others on third-party brand registries. Trademark […]

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How to Share Your Work with Others Using a Creative Commons License ** Attorney Advertising **

Much of the focus of intellectual property law is dedicated to helping business owners protect their work from being used by others. But, there are times when an artist or content creator may actually want to make their work available to the public for easy and widespread […]

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Just How Different Does My Trademark Have to Be from One That Is Already Registered? **Attorney Advertising**

As an Intellectual Property attorney and small business owner, I know how difficult it can be to settle on a trademark that accurately depicts your business or brand. I also know how frustrating it is to ultimately choose a trademark and then discover that there are other […]

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I Have an Idea for an Invention—How Can I Patent It? **Attorney Advertising**

So, you’ve come up with a great idea for an invention and you want to patent it before it’s discovered by someone else. How can you get started? In the world of intellectual property, your idea cannot be patented, but your invention certainly can, assuming it is […]

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Does Your Product Meet Certain Standards? You May Be Able to Use a Certification Mark **Attorney Advertising**

If the product or service that your company offers meets certain “certification” standards that you believe would be of interest to your customers, you may be able to use what’s known as a “Certification Mark” to showcase this distinction. A Certification Mark is not the same as […]

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Having a Registered Trademark Can Help You Protect Your Brand on Amazon **Attorney Advertising**

Online retailers are often targeted by counterfeiters who seek to mimic their products and/or services to ultimately trick and defraud consumers.  Throughout the years, major websites and social media platforms have developed various methods of “verification” to help consumers sort through the noise and more easily identify […]

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Campaign Rallies and Music: Do Artists Have the Right to Demand Politicians Stop Using Their Songs? **Attorney Advertising **

During a campaign rally last month in West Virginia, Donald Trump’s team played a classic Aerosmith song, “Living on the Edge,” before he took to the stage. The lead singer of Aerosmith[1], Steven Tyler, got wind of the usage and demanded that Trump and his campaign stop […]

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Patent Trolls: Who Are They and What Do They Want? **Attorney Advertising **

There are companies that exist for the sole purpose of going after others for patent infringement (whether real or alleged) using hardball tactics. Such companies may not even be the inventor behind the patent; rather, they may simply buy patents from others and enforce them aggressively. In […]

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