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What Does a “Merely Ornamental” Trademark Refusal Mean? **Attorney Advertising**

So, you’ve applied for a trademark but your application was denied for being “merely ornamental” Under TMEP Section 1202.03. You’re now likely wondering, “What does that even mean?” and “How can I overcome this rejection?” It helps to first understand how the United States Patent and Trademark […]

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Understanding Geographical Indications for Wine Brands **Attorney Advertising **

Winemaking is an age-old craft that is embraced and celebrated by people across the globe, yours truly included. The business of wine is as expansive and ever evolving as the craft itself, especially in our modern age where small wineries are able to use cutting-edge marketing tools […]

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Is a “Digital Timestamp” Enough to Prove Copyright Ownership of Music? **Attorney Advertising **

Most people have heard of the “Poor Man’s Copyright.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the process of sticking a creative work in an envelope and sending it to oneself via the post office in order to have a “federal timestamp” showing when the work […]

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Considerations When Choosing the International Class(es) for Your Trademark Application **Attorney Advertising**

When a person applies for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), they’ll be asked to select at least one International Class (IC) of goods and services associated with their mark to help the USPTO search for possible conflicting registrations. The description in […]

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Intellectual Property Highlights from the New USMCA Trade Agreement **Attorney Advertising**

On January 29, 2020, President Trump signed into law an updated trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, or “USMCA,” was a fresh attempt by Congress to address some of the deficiencies of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which throughout […]

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I Received a DMCA Takedown Notice. What Should I Do? **Attorney Advertising**

If you receive a DMCA Takedown Notice stating that you are infringing on someone’s copyright, it’s important to pay attention to what’s being alleged in the document and take immediate steps to address the issue. The worst thing you can do is ignore or throw out the […]

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Intellectual Property Tools to Safeguard the Value of Your App **Attorney Advertising**

Developing an app can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. While apps provide us with fast and easy access to mobile tools, functions, or services at the push of a button, creating an app behind the scenes is not so simple. There are many […]

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Is Your Website at Risk of Being Held Hostage by a Designer or Contractor? **Attorney Advertising**

Having a website created for a business or a brand is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Even simple websites with minimal pages and functionality can cost thousands of dollars in design and hosting fees before it goes live on the web. But what happens […]

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Amazon Launches Pilot Program to Help Patent Owners to Defend Their Rights Against Third-Party Sellers

The ease and ability for anyone to sell on Amazon has created a variety of challenges for patent holders who may discover that their patented inventions (or counterfeits of their patented inventions) are being sold directly to consumers online without permission. In the past, patent holders have […]

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New Editing Tool Helps Users Correct Copyright Issues on YouTube **Attorney Advertising**

Content creators are getting a bit of help from YouTube in the quest to cut down on copyright infringement claims on the video-sharing platform. Users can now access new tools within YouTube’s Studio, where they will find specific information about the copyright claims being made against them, […]

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