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Punctuation Matters When Applying for a Trademark ** Attorney Advertising **

After being caught up in the college admissions scandal earlier this year, Olivia Jade Giannulli found herself making news for an unrelated blunder: her beauty trademarks were temporarily denied due to poor punctuation. Admittedly, the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli did not […]

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Can I Sell My Copyright? **Attorney Advertising **

Are you the owner of a copyright that you are thinking about selling? The good news is that a copyright is treated like any other personal property, meaning that the owner of a copyrighted work may transfer all, or even parts, of their rights to another person […]

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9 Things to Know When Applying for International Patents **Attorney Advertising **

If you have a patentable invention and some (or all) of your competitors are located outside of the United States, your attorney may advise you to file for various international patents in order to protect your invention in the foreign countries where you are doing business or […]

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Can I File for a Trademark if the Product or Service I Offer is Free? **Attorney Advertising **

Recently the following question about a podcaster was presented: “I want to trademark the name of my podcast, but I’m a little confused about my ability to do so.  My podcast is free. I don’t have any advertisers and the content that I offer is accessed by […]

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Take These Steps to Ensure That an Employee or Contractor Can’t Run Off with Your Social Media Accounts **Attorney Advertising **

When we meet with small business owners for an overall business assessment  consultation, one of the first questions we ask is, “who owns your social media accounts?” Many times, the business owner will confidently respond, “I do, of course!” honestly believing it to be true that they […]

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Peloton’s Infringement Lawsuit is a Warning to Gym Owners and Fitness Pros Who Play Music in their Classes and Facilities Without a Proper License

Every fitness pro and instructor knows that music can make or break a workout. With the right playlist, clients are often motivated to run a little faster, cycle a little harder or Zumba a little feistier. While designing classes centered around great tunes is an increasingly important […]

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What Every Artist Should Know About Licensing Their Work to a Third Party **Attorney Advertising **

The internet and social media are proving to be invaluable resources for independent artists looking to expose their work not only to the general public, but also to larger companies who may desire to license their art for fees or royalties down the road. After all, the […]

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Is Trademarking the Legal Name of Your Company Necessary? **Attorney Advertising **

As your business forms and you choose a unique name that you plan to operate under, you may wonder if it’s necessary to trademark the actual legal name that you plan to use for your company. As with most things in intellectual property law, the answer is […]

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Trademark, Copyright, or Patent: Which Do I Need? **Attorney Advertising **

When it comes to protecting one’s intellectual property, there are a number of legal tools that a business owner or entrepreneur can use to safeguard their assets and prevent others from stealing their work. The terms trademark, copyright, and patent are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but it’s […]

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I Want to Incorporate an Emoji into my Product, Logo, or Marketing Pieces. Is that Copyright Infringement? **Attorney Advertising **

In today’s world of social media domination emojis have changed the way we communicate and express ourselves. Bad day? Poop emoji. Celebrating something? Spanish dancing girl. Want to show your love? Heart or kissy face emoji. No words necessary. Even though emojis are free and easy to […]

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