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Need a Patent? Step One is a Prior Art Search **Attorney Advertising **

It’s important to the patent process that one does a prior art search to make sure that no one else has patented the same invention or design. A design or invention may serve a purpose and not be obvious, but one can’t patent what has already been […]

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Is Your Virtual Assistant an Employee or Independent Contractor? **Attorney Advertising**

As you grow your company and expand your team, you may find the prospect of hiring “virtual” employees to be an attractive and flexible option.   For starters, having remote team members can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in overhead expenses. […]

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Trademarking Mascots and Advertising Characters **Attorney Advertising**

What do Wendy’s, Pillsbury, Arm & Hammer, and Disney all have in common? They all have trademarked advertising characters. Sports teams’ mascots and advertising characters are all intangible things used to distinguish one brand from all others. Mascots and advertising characters, like names, logos, fonts, and even […]

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Boutique and Niche Cosmetics: Should You Apply for a Patent for Your Formula? **Attorney Advertising**

Entrepreneurship has its benefits, and for those following their passion and working hard, it’s possible to make a living doing what they love. With sites like Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, it’s easier than ever for a cosmetic formulator to create and sell products to the public. […]

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Trademarks and Food ** Attorney Advertising **

Food products are subject to steep competition, especially with our culture’s ever-increasing interest in food and cuisine. Producers, manufacturers, and other artisans are continually fighting for shelf space and the attention of the consumer.  A great way to make your product stand out in the crowd is […]

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Patent Pending: How Much Protection? **Attorney Advertising **

You’ve created something brilliant, and now you’re in the long process of getting a patent. It may be years before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants your patent, so what do you do? The good news is that you can still market your patent pending […]

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Is Satire or Mimicking a Trademark Protected under Fair Use? **Attorney Advertising**

Freedom of expression means that the government doesn’t interfere with an individual’s right to express their thoughts or feelings, so long as the expression doesn’t invoke or cause any immediate harm or danger. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but you can create an entire […]

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Fair Use of Trademarks **Attorney Advertising**

A trademark is a word or symbol that distinguishes one business, product, or service from all other similar businesses, products, and services. Misuse of another’s trademark is a legal violation. However, there are instances when another party can use someone else’s trademark without getting in trouble if […]

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What’s a Provisional Application for Patent? **Attorney Advertising**

Patent infringement is a costly problem for inventors and businesses, and by the time the problem is discovered, it can be very costly to litigate and solve for all parties involved. However, there is a way to ensure that inventors can stake their claim as the first […]

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