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Is Your Website at Risk of Being Held Hostage by a Designer or Contractor? **Attorney Advertising**

Having a website created for a business or a brand is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Even simple websites with minimal pages and functionality can cost thousands of dollars in design and hosting fees before it goes live on the web. But what happens […]

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Amazon Launches Pilot Program to Help Patent Owners to Defend Their Rights Against Third-Party Sellers

The ease and ability for anyone to sell on Amazon has created a variety of challenges for patent holders who may discover that their patented inventions (or counterfeits of their patented inventions) are being sold directly to consumers online without permission. In the past, patent holders have […]

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New Editing Tool Helps Users Correct Copyright Issues on YouTube **Attorney Advertising**

Content creators are getting a bit of help from YouTube in the quest to cut down on copyright infringement claims on the video-sharing platform. Users can now access new tools within YouTube’s Studio, where they will find specific information about the copyright claims being made against them, […]

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Happy New Year: Works From 1924 Entered the Public Domain in 2020 **Attorney Advertising**

After enjoying 95 years of copyright protection, the public can now freely access and edit copyrighted materials from 1924 as they officially enter the public domain. The materials are available for use as of January 1st, 2020, without requiring permission or a license from the original copyright […]

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Why You Should Update Your Website’s Copyright Notice at The Start of Each Year **Attorney Advertising**

Take a moment to pull up your website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Do you have a copyright notice in the footer? Is the current year listed? If the answer to either of these questions is “no”, now is the perfect time to check […]

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Give Your Business an “IP Checkup” Heading into The New Year **Attorney Advertising**

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s a great time to review any successes and failures from the year past and take an honest look at any “cracks” in your business foundation that could potentially hold you back in 2020. One area that’s not to be overlooked […]

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Using a trademark without permission? This may be a defense for you. **Attorney Advertising**

I was recently in San Francisco to visit family, friends, and clients, and while there I did a ton of bread research for my home baking.  I purchased and enjoyed a few loaves each day, and without a doubt… San Francisco is on top of their bread game.   One […]

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Should I Keep My Trademark If I’m No Longer Using it In My Business? **Attorney Advertising**

A common question that we are asked is whether a trademark owner should continue to hang onto a mark that they are no longer using in their business. More often a trademark owner would like to retain ownership even thought they are no longer using the mark. […]

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Licensing Considerations When Entering a Joint Venture **Attorney Advertising **

When growing your business or brand entering into a joint venture via an affiliate arrangement or licensing your product or service can be an attractive and relatively easy way to expand your customer base. You may work with coaches or digital entrepreneurs, for example, who will partner […]

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Think You Need a Patent? Consider Creating a Solid Prototype First! **Attorney Advertising **

We often hear from inventors who have come up with a design for something new, novel and useful in the marketplace, and they are anxious to apply for a patent in order to legally protect and stake claim to what they’ve created. A first question we often […]

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